As an Entrepreneur, Manager or Employee your goal is to be successful and satisfied with the work you do. Easier said then done, so you want to know how you can achieve these goals.

Transformation for results

As Business Coach I help you to choose a direction and take the appropriate actions. Transformations for results. Let me give you two examples of clients I assisted:

  1. A Marketing Manager was having personal issues at work. The competition with her colleagues and the pressure to perform, were too much for her. After several coaching sessions she was able to use her personal strength’s again and as such performed as never before.
  2. A team didn’t know which direction to go with their project and as such, things were not moving forward. After several team sessions we set a dot at the horizon with the necessary actions, and progress was made.

Happy Business Coaching.

If you are looking for help for yourself, a colleague or a friend, choose a Happy Business Coaching which fits your needs.

Personal Coaching
The aim of these individual interviews is you perform better at work, and with more pleasure. We will discuss topics like focus, purpose, work-life balance, vitality, strengths. After these sessions you will be better motivated, more balanced and achieve more in your work.

Executive Coaching
Managers, Directors and Entrepreneurs who want to define a path for the future. We talk about your ambitions, the (im-) possibilities, work-life balance, energy, time. The result is you know your present position and a clear path to the future.

Team Coaching
During these interactive workshops, the goal is to excel your team for better performance. We will discuss opportunities, added values, different approaches. collaboration, innovations, As such the team will work more effective, and the project wil move forward.

Help is on it’s way

If you’re stuck, want to make progress or whatever reason, it can be very helpful to get external help from an experienced Business Coach. This for yourself, your employees or your team.

  • We meet at an inspiring location of your choosing, and talk about your questions or issues.
  • I’ll be your own (part-time) Business Coach within your company. Frequently held consultation hours at your office to help your employees.
  • Online coaching via telephone or skype, for direct feedback.