As entrepreneur you continuously strive for progress. By personal development and business innovation you  work for results. To accomplish this you are looking for alternative solutions which not only lead your company to success, but als give you and the people around you the fulfilment one desires.

It’s my passion to help Entrepreneurs and Managers with your life-changing moments and management decisions. With a positive human approach and creative business ideas, we will define an alternative route. So you know which actions to take, and achieve succes and fulfillment!

Hippie Philosophy

The methodology I use in is the HIPPIE philosophy. This is a holistic approach to come with a solution that works for YOU. This philosophy is based on my believes that you can accomplish everything as long a you stick to your core values and continue to develop yourself.

PEACE with yourself
Do you have peace with the work you do? Are you involved in activities which makes you happy right now? Are these aligned with your values and standards?

LOVE what you do
You know what you want to do.  Is the type of work and how you do this, what you really like to do? Which task would you like to keep on doing yourself and which ones would you outsource to others? And what are the lessons you (still) need to learn?

HAPPINESS with the results
Which results make you happy? Do you get satisfaction of all your hard work? Do you like money or status? Is it the short term results for yourself, or the long term contributions to others?

Transformation for results

If you want to have better results and more satisfaction in your work, you have to take action now. But what to do and where to start? It’s certainly not easy but with the help of an experienced Business-Life Coach its all possible! Let me give you two cases of people I assisted:

  1. A Marketing Manager was having trouble to withhold her position because of the strong powerplay with her direct colleagues. The pressure to perform was enormous and in the end too much for her to handle. After several coaching sessions she was able to use her personal strength’s, communicated as she would like to do, and as such performed very well.
  2. An entrepreneur was still using the concept and approach he invented 10 years ago. The last 2 years his turnover was declining. After the coaching sessions we were able to find a new dot at the horizon, appointed the necessary actions and his turn-over increased within 6 months.

Happy Business Coaching.

As an experienced Business-Life Coach, I help you to accomplish progression. This with your important life changing moments and management decisions. Based on my life-wisdom, long working experience and unique approach, I offer you an alternatieve path to success and fulfillment in your Business-Life.

I help you with the following solutions:

    • As a mentor I help you with fresh insights, get rid off the nasty old habits, and inspire you. So you will be energized (again) to work on your goals.
    • With a sharp analyses, I’ll coach you to find an alternative scenario for change to make progression
    • As a independent mediator I will bring the wisdom to bring peace and clarity to normalize the communications, so everyone will live and work in a happy way.