As entrepreneur you want to achieve something in your business-life. This is different for everyone, but success and happiness are the most important goals. But how do you do this, and where to start.

successful entrepreneurs have
strong roots – bring value – make impact


You want success and happiness

If you strive for success and happiness what does this actually mean? Which criteria do satisfy you? Is this when managing your company with pleasure, achieving high business results with your team, or make a positive contribution to society with your organization….

The three success factors

If you want to be successful as entrepreneur and have a happy life, there are three important factors to work on: 1. a strong basis 2. deliver added value 3. make impact This success framework is applicable for yourself, as your  company.

Your personal business coach

Hello, I’m Hans van de Rakt

I have 22 years of experience as entrepreneur in the Netherlands and in Aruba(Cariben) During this period I assisted many other entrepreneurs in various sales, marketing and strategy projects. 

Next to these technical business experience, I also learned a lot about the human side of entrepreneurship. With all this strategic and spiritual knowledge I can help you to choose the right direction.

Which steps do you take…

Do you take action or do you stick to your old habits? And are you still hoping for miracles to happen…. ?! Take action now and achieve more Success and Happiness  in your business-life!