As entrepreneur you want to achieve your goals in your business-life. Whatever goals you choose. Like working with pleasure in a solid company, achieving high business results, or make social impact in to society.

Perhaps you realize it can be done better, or even know change is inevitable. But you’re stuck and don’t know which direction to choose. Or you want to do things (completely) differently, but not sure where to start.

I help you to discover, to innovate en make impact. For yourself as your company. With presenting a realistic overview of your situation. Giving the insights how you can approach things differently. Offer you a view into a bright future.

If you do what you always did
you get the results you’ve always got

Nice to meet you

Hello, my name is Hans van de Rakt

It is my passion to help entrepreneurs like you, who are willing to make a change. To accomplish success and happiness in your business-life. My added value is the combined knowledge of the human side of Entrepreneurship and the business side of it.

I bring in 30 years work experience, including 20 years as entrepreneur (started 4 companies) and a little longer life experience. I performed projects for start-ups, scale-ups and grown-ups. This for Dutch and International clients (lived and worked seven years in Aruba/Caribbean)

As such I’ve seen how things could go wrong, and also have an happy end. So a lot of experience with beginning, failing, getting up again and growing. Witnessed all the effects these ups and downs had on entrepreneurs and their businesses. So build some business-life wisdom.

 The purpose of life, is a life of purpose


How may I help you?

Every entrepreneur is different and all have questions. As a business person you surely don’t have all the answers right away. And guess what? Others are having similar doubts and questions like you have. Let me give you two examples of other entrepreneurs, and how I was able to help them

  • An entrepreneur of a small company was not performing as expected, and did not know what to do next. So he wanted a better performance based on a new concept. With the Business Performance Coaching, we developed a fresh business concept and a strategy, so the entrepreneur was fully motivated to make it a success.
  • A lady entrepreneur of a big company was not happy in her work and as such had no energy. As a result she did not perform well. After the Business-Life Performance Coaching, she was feeling more balanced and stronger, had a clear focus and was performing better in her role.

When you focus on the right thing, you get the right thing

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