As Entrepreneur, Manager or Director you want to have success, and be happy in your work-life. I help you with your life-changing moments or management decisions on how to work now, towards a bright future.

Progression is personal

If you want achieve progression, then it all starts with you. What can you do now, so success and satisfaction will come your way? The HIPPIE philosophy is a good guideline.

PEACE – with yourself
Do you have peace with what you are doing right now? Does this match your core values? Keep on developing yourself so your work will fit your abilities and dreams.

LOVE – what you do
Is the typ of work and how you do this , what you really like to do? By constantly innovating you will work with more compassion.

HAPPINESS – with the results
Which results do make you happy? Work towards your dot at the horizon and experience the satisfaction of your efforts, and make some (social) impact.

Happy Business Coaching.

As an experienced Business-Life Coach I will help you by a holistic approach. Presenting you a realistic overview and give you alternative solutions. As such you will be able to make the right decisions for a bright future. The Happy Business Coaching contains three steps:

1. HELLO – getting to know each other

  • An introduction meeting about you, as a person, your work and what you want to accomplish
2. COACHING – what you can change now
  • Coaching sessions from 3 weeks to max 6 months depending on your question or problem

3. SUPPORT – keep on track

  • after the coaching sessions I will help you to keep on track
  • support and answers on your questions via e-mail, telephone, skype etc.
Let’s talk how you can achieve
progression and satisfaction