At this moment you don’t experience the desired results or satisfaction in your work or private life. You don’t know how to change this. Whether this is caused by personal circumstances or the lack of the right knowledge, you realize that something has to be change.

As a personal & business Coach I give you clarity and direction. Assisting you to take the right decisions and setting priorities. So you are motivated and focussed. Coaching without the hassle and directly to the core. Working together on creative solutions so you know what to do to achieve success, satisfaction and impact.

A Reality Check

Sometimes it’s difficult to see everything in the right context. You have a colored view of the world and not all knowledge is available. That’s why it makes sense to investigate your situation from multiple perspectives. To discover what really matters.

The reality check is covering the most relevant disciplines: 

Personal  what really keeps you busy, and what makes you happy. How do you use your talents and what motivates you

Business: work from the power of your company. With innovative solutions and your added value to make your company flourish so that you enjoy working

Social: what is your story about your environment? How can you make the real difference to your customers, colleagues, partners etc.


For Entrepreneurial people

The Happy Business Coaching is especially for entrepreneurial people who need individual support. Because it is sometimes difficult to do everything alone and making all the decisions.

Do you recognize one of the roles below or the mentioned issues?

Entrepreneurs with experience: from scale-up entrepreneurs to experienced CEO’s at larger companies. For support with private-work balance, management decisions, and future planning

Digital Nomads and freelancers: startups and traveling visionaries have their specific issues. If you want guidance on which first steps to take, keeping your confidence and how to make impact

In-Company Coaching: guiding employees and managers to fulfill their role better, and with more pleasure


Happy Business Coaching

You want to achieve success in your work, experience personal fulfilment and with a positive social impact. We will achieve this with the Happy Business Coaching. By a personal and human approach working towards results.

A coaching process looks like this:

Our acquaintance: to start with, you fill in a online intake-form. We’ll discuss this during a live or telephone conversation so that you have a clear picture about what you can expect during the coaching and is based on clear goals.

The Happy Business Coaching: is starting with making online tests. This gives a complete and realistic overview of your present situation. We will talk more about these results and other topics to discover your typical added values and the chances and opportunities. Next we work on an action plan on how to achieve your goals.

  • Preferably our first meeting will be via a live face2face meeting. The coaching can be done via live meetings or online via Skype / telephone / whatsapp etc. 

Support: after the Coaching I’ll support you to keep you on track, or to answer your questions. We communicate via e-mail, whatsapp or by telephone/skype.




Appreciate it when you take the effort to contact me. Just give me a call to start with, or sent me an email with your questions. Let’s talk about your challenges in business-life, and find some solutions, to brainstorm and inspire each other.

    • Call:  +31646320707
    • Skype:  hansvanderakt
    • Mail:  happybusiness@hansvanderakt.nl
    • Visit:  The Netherlands in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht or another location. International meetings on request

Schedule:  a life or telephone/skype meeting directly in my agenda, by using this  agenda tool

Happy Business!