As Entrepreneur or Manager you continuously strive for progress. You know that personal development and business innovation are the most important success factors. But you doubt about which steps to take, and how to continue.

If you feel stuck or want to make progress, you realize you cannot do this all by yourself. You are aware that by seeking assistance you will receive the necessary insights. I offer you a coaching which gives you clarity, and with a focus on actions that really matter to make you happy. 

What are we going to do

With the Happy Business Coaching the goal is to find all important elements that matter and balance these out. That’s how we can define a route to your dot at the horizon. This is what we are going to do:

  1. We will start with an intake. This as the both of us want to have good feeling about our collaboration and there is clarity about our expectations.
  2. We talk during our coaching sessions. The coaching is always a set of 3 sessions of max 1 1.2 hour max. Here I will give you the tools and direct feedback for you to work with.
  3. We will remain in contact after the coaching sessions. To keep you on track, or at moments you desire assistance. We will be in contact via telephone/skype, email or otherwise.

A Holistic Approach

If you strive for sustainable progression, it’s advisable to look at it from different angles. You are not a machine and there are mostly multiple causes. That’s why we analyse the human elements, and the business and social aspects. This is how we get a clear overview about what really matters.

1. Your Personal Plan
We start with a personal conversation. Talking about what (really) matters for you, your talents and motivations. Next you will get some homework and make an online psychological test.

2. Business Power
We will discover the most powerful asset of your company. With a SWOT analyses and a Blue Ocean methodology or other ways, everything will become more clear.

3. Social Impact
We will list the most important stakeholders in your story. Next we will start a conversation with a partner or community member, to investigate where you can make a difference and real impact.

Transformation examples

If you want to have better results and more satisfaction in your work, you have to take action now. But what to do and where to start? Let me give you two cases of Entrepreneurs I assisted:

  • A lady Entrepreneur was having trouble in her personal life, because of the strong powerplay and competition. As a result she didn’t have the energy and motivation to perform as expected. After several coaching sessions she was able to use her personal strength’s, communicated as she would like to do, and as such performed very well.
  • An entrepreneur was still using the concept and approach he invented 10 years ago. The last 2 years his turnover was declining. After the coaching sessions we were able to find a new dot at the horizon, appointed the necessary actions and his turn-over increased within 6 months.



Appreciate it when you take the effort to contact me. Just give me a call to start with, or sent me an email with your questions. Let’s talk about your challenges in business-life, and find some solutions, to brainstorm and inspire each other.

    • Call:  +31646320707
    • Skype:  hansvanderakt
    • Mail:  happybusiness@hansvanderakt.nl
    • Visit:  The Netherlands in Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Utrecht or another location. International meetings on request
    • Schedule:  a life or telephone/skype meeting directly in my agenda, by using this  agenda tool

Happy Business!