Sometimes you’re stuck, and don’t know how to proceed. Or perhaps you’re not making the progress you desire, because you doubt about which steps to take. I help you to solve your life-changing problems and management decisions. Together we define an alternative route how to make progress in your personal – and work life. 

Hippie Philosophy

The methodology I use in is the HIPPIE philosophy of Peace, Love and Happiness. This is a holistic approach to come with integral solutions to your benefit.

PEACE – with yourself
Do you have peace with what you are doing right now? Does this match your core values and talents? Keep developing yourself so your work will fit your abilities and dreams.

LOVE – what you do
Is your present work, and how you do this , what you really like to do? By constantly innovating you create added value and work with more compassion.

HAPPINESS – with the results
Which results make you happy? Work towards your dot at the horizon and experience the satisfaction of your efforts, and make some (social) impact.

Transformation for results

If you want to have more results and satisfaction in your work, you have to take action. But it’s not easy to know what and how you can change to make progress, all by your self. Then it’s good to have an experienced Business-Life Coach who can help you. Let me give you two examples of clients I assisted:

  1. A Marketing Manager was having personal issues at work. The competition with her colleagues and the pressure to perform, were too much for her. After several coaching sessions she was able to use her personal strength’s again and as such performed as never before.
  2. An entrepreneur was still working with his 10 year old concept and result s were declining. After several coaching sessions we were able to set a new dot at the horizon with the necessary actions to make progress.

Happy Business Coaching.

As an experienced Business-Life Coach I help you to accomplish progression. This during your important life changing moments and  with difficult management decisions. Based on my life-wisdom, long working experience and unique approach, I offer you the alternatieve path to your (ideal) dot at the horizon.

I help you with the following situations:

  • As a person you’re stuck and don’t know which steps to take. I help you with fresh insights, get rid off the nasty old habits, and inspire you. So you will be energized (again) to work on your goals.
  • Everything is going okay, but no progression is made. With a sharp analyses to find the root of the problem, to discover chances and opportunities to offer you innovative solutions.
  • When there are conflicts. This can be your personal circumstances, or business context.  I will bring clarity, a reality check what the exact status is, and normalize the communications, so everyone will live and work in a happy way.