As entrepreneur you want to achieve something in your business-life. This is different for everyone off course, but success and happiness are the most important goals. But what does success and happiness actually mean to you? And how do you accomplish this? By working with more focus, a new strategy, better personal productivity, innovation, activities based on purpose…

Three Success Factors

Whatever goals or steps you want to take as entrepreneur, you need a strong basis.This for your company and as a person. To make progression can be a continuous challenge. You will be constantly tested if what you do, has the added value one might expect. So you will see the results of all your efforts. Not only the commercial success but also to make a social impact into your community.

Nice to meet you

Hello! My name is Hans van de Rakt

As a Business Coach I help you to choose a direction and take action. For your company as for yourself as a person. So these elements will align and strengthen each other. Let me give you two examples of clients I assisted:

A young Entrepreneur didn’t know which direction to go. This with her company and what her new role would be in this. After several coaching sessions she was aware of her strengths and the specific added value of her company and how to use these to the fullest.

Also I helped an entrepreneur who was leading his company the same way as when he started it. The turnover was at the same level for years now. The entrepreneur did not know how to make the right changes and as a result he was not living a happy life. During several coaching sessions we investigated new opportunities and how he could take the lead in this. As a result this entrepreneur was able to make progression again.


Help is on it’s way

If you want to do things differently, have the goal to make improvements or want to grow, it can be very useful to get external assistance. I will hand you fresh insights and creative concepts for new possibilites. Inspire you to work and live with compassion.

The coaching is with a human approach. So first we talk about your role as entrepreneur (the Why) Where after we investigate your business opportunities and possibilities, in order to define the appropriate actions which fit your mission.

The Happy Business Coaching is standard 3 sessions, or several more during a few months. All adjusted to your situation, where we will take the right steps to reach your dot at the horizon.

As an experienced Happy Business Coach, I help you to define
a solid basis, and create real added value, to make
impact with the people that are important to you

Take the first step now

So if you want to have more success, and also be happy, what are you going to do about it? Do you take action, or do you stick to your old habits, and are you still hoping for miracles to happen…. ?!

Take the first step and achieve more success and happiness in your business-life: