The reason I chose for “HAPPY” Business Coaching is that I believe in the positieve approach of situations. Also to strive for a positive goal such as in this case “fulfilment and success” for every person I meet.


As someone who is born in the year 1960, I’m raised in a time of big changes. Where one was critical about the system and trying to find new ways to have a meaningful life. These universal ideas of Peace & Love & Happiness I now use in my HIPPIE Philosophy, to give you a fulfilled and successful life.


My approach to coaching is a personal one, where we go directly to the core. First discover the human part and after that we talk about your business/work. We discover what you are presently doing, what gives you energy, your talents and discover what your destiny is. Next we talk about the more rational topics in your business-life: about your work, the company, your goals and how you can use all this for satisfaction and success.


In November 2017, I started a social project: shitAWAY. It’s a movement where young professionals help other young people who are experiencing mental  “shit”

Active at two universities as an external examiner(assessor)  for graduation students, and member of a advisory committee at Avans University.

In my free-time I love to make photo-art, playing around with shadow and light. see www.120660art.nl


If you want to know about my work career, please read this on my LinkedIn profile.

I suggest we start with meetup life or via telephone/skype to get acquainted and see what we can do for each other. Please contact me and let’s talk