A short Bio about Hans van de Rakt (also know as “the Business Hippie”)  my vision about the Happy Business Coaching and what makes this approach so different.

Hans van de Rakt

After a study Commercial Management I joined the army as a Sergeant (draft) Kicking off my career in ICT, with selling software and hardware. Progressing towards a job as a Sales and Marketing manager for the Netherlands and Belgium.

Then I moved to Aruba (Cariben) where I lived for 7 years. After a job as a Sales & Marketing Manager in ICT(again) , I started my first company with publishing the local TV-Guide. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this line of business, but with a lot of hard work and some endurance, it became a success. Next to this I also started and operated a successful marketing agency (with the appealing name “Seventh Heaven Marketing”)

When back in Holland I started a Business Development Boutique. Assisting many National and International clients with Sales, Marketing and Strategy services. For personal reasons I had to end this company.

Now I’m active as a Business Coach to help everyone to perform better during their working-lives. So success and satisfaction are in sync to have a happy life.

By simply starting, exploring, and allowing myself to make mistakes, I learned a lot. The choices of living abroad and becoming an entrepreneur, are one of the best decisions I made. Now I want to use all this “business-life wisdom” for your benefit, so you make the right decisions towards your dot at the horizon.


My big mission:

A mind change in the business world where purpose and earnings meet in balance, so everyone can enjoy the basic needs for a enjoyable living

The coaching is like a business hippie:

  • critical about the present systems and questioning how to improve it
  • use your human side with all your skills and intuition to perform better and work with more pleasure
  • use all what you have available now, don’t reinvent the wheel, use your creativity and act smartly
  • you are part of a bigger picture , so collaborate, and take care of others
  • have fun, enjoy life and do good

In November 2017, I started a new project: shitAWAY. It’s a movement where young professionals help other young people who are experiencing mental  “shit”

Next to this I do some pro bono volunteering work. As a coordinator I help University students which are following an entrepreneurship program. At the same University I’m an external examiner(assessor)  for graduation students. Also active as a coach to help entrepreneurs with the company Qredits.

By the way, I love to make photo-art, playing around with shadow and light. see www.120660art.nl

Do you want to know how more about my Philosophy, or discuss about this? Please contact me and let’s talk