A short Bio about Hans van de Rakt, my vision about the Happy Business Coaching and what makes this approach so different.

After a study Commercial Management I joined the army as a Sergeant (draft) Kicking off my career in ICT, with selling software and hardware. Progressing towards a job as a Sales and Marketing manager for the Netherlands and Belgium.

After this I moved to Aruba (Cariben) where I worked and lived for 7 years. Moving there was a big step, especially at that time. After a job as a Sales & Marketing Manager in ICT, I started my first company with publishing the local TV-Guide. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this line of business, but with a lot of hard work and some endurance, it became a success. Next to this I also started and operated a successful marketing agency.

When returning to Holland I founded a Business Development Boutique. I assisted many National and International clients with Sales, Marketing and Strategy services. Now I’m active as a Business Coach to help employers and employees to perform better during their working-lives.

By simply starting, exploring, and allowing myself to make mistakes, I learned a lot. The choices of living abroad and becoming an entrepreneur, are one of the best decisions I made. Now I want to use all this “business-life wisdom” for your benefit, so you make the right decisions towards your dot at the horizon.


1. Use what you already have

  • You have more knowledge and skills available than you realize at this moment
  • Keep learning and develop yourself as a human being
  • Use the positive elements of yourself and your business. This has proven more effect that trying to resolve the negative aspect(s)

2. You are part of a bigger picture

You don’t live and work alone. You have to deal with colleagues, customers, business-partners, private relations and others in your community. As such you are part of a bigger picture. All parties influence how you function as a (business) person, and you influence the others as well. Do you give something to others, or receive from others?

3. Act beyond ratio

Working based on thinking and ratio is only a part of how we function as a human being. There is also passion, values, emotion, intelligence, spirituality etc. All these elements define our human lives. There is happening a lot beneath the surface which we don’t notice directly. The iceberg principle.

In November 2017, I started a new project: shitAWAY. It’s a movement where young professionals help other young people who are experiencing “shit”

Next to this I do some pro bono volunteering work. As a coordinator I help University students which are following an entrepreneurship program. At the same University I’m an external examiner for graduation students. Also active as a coach to help entrepreneurs with the company Qredits.

By the way, I love to make photo-art, playing around with shadow and light. see www.120660art.nl

Do you want to know how more about my Philosophy, or discuss about this? Please contact me and let’s talk