Happy Business Coaching

I worked and lived 7 years on Aruba (Cariben) Yes indeed, the island with those white sandy beaches and divi-divi trees. Moving there was a big step, especially at that time. On Aruba I started my first company, publishing the local TV-Guide. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience in this business, but with a lot of hard work under the burning sun, it became a success. Next to this I also started a marketing agency. When returning to Holland I founded a Business Development boutique, as I wanted to be independent and could work for different international clients.

By simply starting, exploring, and allowing to make mistakes, I learned a lot.  The choices of living abroad and becoming an entrepreneur are still one of the best decisions I made. Now I want to use all this “business-life wisdom” to make you successful and happy.

Based on my experiences in the field and studies, I developed my 3 step framework: 1. strong basics 2. deliver value 3. make impact. All elements are connected, so if one element is not working, the whole (business) concept falls apart. As such we will discuss ALL these three elements.

1. A strong basis: I’ll help you get clear on what you really want from your life and business, and what steps you need to take to get there. No more wasting time, no more second-guessing. Just a clear vision and strategy to give you everything and more.

2. Deliver value: you and your team make the difference. Your offering and outstanding services will distinguish yourself from competition. Synchronizing head and heart to multiply value.

3. Make impact: offering a lasting impression to your market, and to your community. For meaning and purpose in your business-life.

You want to make changes or make improvements, but it all starts with you. That’s why my coaching programs have a personal and human approach for successful entrepreneurship. You can choose out of two different coaching programs:

Short and intensive coaching program, to find solutions by making the right decisions and to take action

Inspirational Coaching to define your direction, which path to walk, for structural changes that last