Happy Business Coaching

Happy Business Coaching is the human approach for successful entrepreneurship: by gaining insight about your situation, getting an overview of the possibilites, and a view of how the future could be for you and your company.


1. A strong basis: I’ll help you get clear on what you really want from your life and business, and what steps you need to take to get there. A strong YOU in sync with a solid business concept is the most powerful combination. No more wasting time, no more second-guessing. Just a clear vision and strategy to give you everything and more.

2. Deliver value: you and your team make the difference. Your offering and outstanding services will distinguish yourself from the competition. With real and recognizable value which speaks for itself. So it will change from endless pushing, to an automatic and effortless pull.

3. Make impact: offering a lasting impression to your audience, deliver beyond expectations, use your assets to do good to your community. I’ll show you how to give meaning and purpose in your business-life.

It all starts with YOU. That’s why my coaching is personal and direct. For immediate feedback and fresh ideas. Please choose one of the three coaching programs or we tailor a program to your needs.

The sparring session is a one hour meeting (live or online) if you want feedback on your ideas, intervision about your personal situation, or need inspiration for change. For business and personal matters. To give you direction how to proceed in your business-life.

A short and intensive coaching program with several sessions in max 3 weeks. The focus in the Power Program is to find solutions how to improve your business results. Helping you to make the right choices for immediate actions.

This is a long term business-life coaching. By setting goals and define the right path to walk. To make you (and your team) more successful based on clear goals, using the available strengths, and with motivation.

Do you have specific whishes or demands, for a different duration, individual or for your team, let’s talk about the possibilities. I can help YOU with knowledge, energy and ideas to inspire.

or contact me by e-mail, or give me a call….