Why are entrepreneurs, well…. entrepreneurs? Are they as happy as they say they are, and what is it that makes them happy (or not…) Is happiness a prerequisite to be successful or is it the other way around? Are there differences in happiness levels and criteria in various industries and countries? All questions I ‘m trying to answer with the Happy Business You (HBY) research project.


  • Wat are the motivations and drivers to become an entrepreneur
  • What is the level of happiness and success, in the different roles, segments and countries
  • What are the criteria and influencers to be happy and successful

The goal of this research is to correlate the personal and business side of entrepreneurship. In other words, what are the psychological drivers, and which elements do change these human beings, called entrepreneurs. Which business circumstances do influence their role, and is success such an important factor as we believe it is.

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As such several scientific theories and methodologies are used as guidelines for this research. Also I use my experiences as entrepreneur, and the cases of my client projects as valuable input.

To get answers to all main questions and sub-questions, research will be done in various ways: – a short poll – online questionnaire – personal interviews, – desk research.

When all answers are processed, the results will be published in a comprehensive report(e-book) This report will contain:

  • The answers to the main questions: -motivations -status -criteria
  • A Happy Business You index a overview of the above to see the differences between the various countries, industries, motivations etc.
  • Explanations of the scientific theories to give some context to it
  • Tips and tricks how to improve your happiness and success level

If you as entrepreneur take part in the questionnaire or interview, you will receive the summary of the report, for free.

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Next we will use this information as a basis to develop a new methodology as a do-it-yourself kit. Entrepreneurs will be able to use this new HBY model to improve their Business-Life to be more happy and successful.

If you are interested to contribute to this project, such as business organizations, universities, employer representations, Chamber of Commerce, governments, etc. please contact me.