Entrepreneurship is in my Blood?

Is entrepreneurship a talent you’re born with, or can it be learnt? And which talents or competencies do you need as an entrepreneur?

Respondents to this HBY research, give their reflection on how they see this, and which talents or competences they have as an entrepreneur.

– Is entrepreneurship a talent or to be learnt?

18% is has having the opinion you need talent in order to be an entrepreneur. As 27% think you can learn for it. And a majority of 55% think you need certain talents and what you are missing like knowledge, can be acquired and learned.

Could this mean that talent is a basic requirement to function as an entrepreneur, or that you need talent to be successful as an entrepreneur?

– I can be an entrepreneur because…

Here the motivation 84.2% and discipline 43.2% are given as the most important conditions to be an entrepreneur. Another  group has the idea  that Entrepreneurship is actually not that difficult to do, with 22.3%

It is striking that two the most important elements are related to a persons character. This above (rational) knowledge by study or otherwise. Also the standpoint that entrepreneurship can be learned by just starting, and doing it.

– I have the following competencies

(the above features are competencies attributed to entrepreneurship)

To be Innovative & Creative are seen as the main competencies with 66.9%. Followed by open minded with 66.4% and human oriented 56.8%. The lowest score is given to efficiency and effectiveness with 23.7%

It is striking that more character elements are chosen, than the (old fashioned?) rational elements such as efficiency. Also the realization that one has to cope well with other people is an important part for progression. The element of taking risks is not perceived as that important. Nevertheless this risk taking, is an essential part of doing business. In other words, developing and building are chosen over fixed and long term assets.


  • These results are based on research done in the Netherlands.
  • Read more about this HBY research here