Entrepreneurship is my destiny

Is Entrepreneurship your destiny, or to phrase it differently, why are you actually doing this? Is this a conscious choice, or did it all just happen by accident? And would you choose to be an entrepreneur again, or perhaps not …    The three most important findings about this are the following:

1. Why did you become an Entrepreneur

Motivatie Ondernemerschap

36 % replied they made this decision because they saw a market opportunity. 21% because they encountered the right people and the third answer was because they had a wonderful idea. The fourth answer was because they lost their job, and had to move forward.

The motivation might come from a personal perspective. From an intrinsic drive and motivation. Or the “choice” was not really a decision but more because something came across their path. In other words the external circumstances were defining their destiny.

2. Why to be an entrepreneur again

Motivaties wel weer ondernemen

83% would like to be an entreperneur again if the choice had to be made again. The reasons why to be an entrepreneur again is giving us some nice insights: having or experiencing freedom is chosen by 80% of the respondents. Also ambition is an important aspect with 49%,  and 41% wants to have an impact in society.

The element of freedom is of course a relative one, as work has to be done to bring in some money, but the idea of controlling your time yourself, or which location to work, etc. seems to be important criteria. Ambition is also a motivation for choosing Entrepreneurship to accomplish something and develop yourself. Bring meaning into your business-life gives the satisfaction and purpose.

3. The motivations NOT to be an Entrepreneur again

Motivaties waarom niet ondernemen

The flipside of Entrepreneurship show here, as 54% experience the financial insecurity as a burden, or as a main reason not to. Also 14% is claiming the work pressure and 19% about claiming not having the free time and 12% experiences the insecurity of entrepreneurship as a burden.

The insecurity that Entrepreneurship comes with it in different areas is a elements which is unavoidable. Also it seems entrepreneurs are noticing the influence on their personal lives because of this.


  • 56% has made a conscious choice to become an entrepreneur
  • The financial insecurity is and will remain an important issue for a lot of entrepreneurs to continue or not
  • Freedom is an important criteria (in comparison to a regular job)
  • The personal arguments for Entrepreneurship seem to weigh more then rational arguments


If you would have the choice to be an entrepreneur again, and with all the experiences and knowledge you have right now, what would you do differently?  Please mail your reply to: happybusiness@hansvanderakt.nl


Please note this outcome is based on a survey held in the Netherlands during the second half of 2017.