Talking about intelligence…

Should you be very smart to become or be an entrepreneur? Or are there any other human capacities you need? In the previous chapter, we have seen that certain talents and competences play an important role in entrepreneurship. In this chapter, we go deeper into the human traits from a holistic perspective.

What human intelligence do you need as an entrepreneur, and are important

The 4 quotients briefly explained:
IQ = Intellectual Intelligence: smart, knowledge
EQ = Emotional Intelligence: your heart, relationships
SQ = Spiritual Intelligence: thrive, intuition
FQ = Physical Intelligence: physical, health

It is clear that all 4 intelligences are important in entrepreneurship. But in what proportion or order? It could be expected that the IQ is chosen as the most important quotient. Yet emotional intelligence is perceived as more and very important.
Following your heart and how you deal with other people and with whom, plays a very important role. Is it more about whom you know and not what you know?

Do you find yourself intelligent

As far as the question about IQ is concerned, the largest part is about 61% itself intelligent (proven or not..) Another group of 31% may be somewhat more modest and find themselves intelligent enough, as far as this can be said of themselves. While 8% still have a strong doubt as to whether they are intelligent enough.
In the previous theory about the human quotients, it appears that intelligence is not seen as the most important Quotient. This may arise from the observation in this question, that people think that the needed IQ is already there.

Experience a goal/destination

The SQ question indicates 62% with a goal to work with. and 31% do so as far as possible. Working with focus certainly helps in achieving your goals.
Is working towards a goal purely based on profit and result, or does it also have a higher goal? Do you work somewhere, it also brings satisfaction?

– Do you have a balanced workprivate life

With all these goals and efforts, are the different quotients in balance? 52% think there is a good balance between work& private. 40% do not have the right workprivate balance. and 9% have no good balance.
Do you go for your business purpose only, and put yourself in the background? Do you care enough about your health, your relationships, your happiness to achieve your goals whatever it takes? Are you going for a short or long term goal and results....
Please note these results are based on research done in the Netherlands.