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kies jouw oplossing

creëren & innoveren

Met een andere invalshoek tot nieuwe ideeën en concepten komen. Voor een alternatieve propositie, ander product portfolio, en frisse markt benadering.

onderzoeken & analyseren

Onderzoeken van de markt. Het testen van een concept bij klanten. Het onderzoeken van de implementatie (on)mogelijkheden in de interne organisatie.

uitvoering & coördineren

Activering van een nieuw concept of strategie. Met sales en marketing activiteiten. om nieuwe producten en markten te introduceren

Although it was a short session, Hans was able to give some useful information by mainly asking the right questions

Social Entrepreneur

It has been a pleasure to work with Hans. He is an open minded person with a great personality.

Program Manager

Hans is a realistic, hands-on manager with a good sense of what is needed to bring a company/project further.

Chief Acceleration Officer

Hans ken ik als een rustige, slimme man. Hij is er op uit om verbindingen tussen mensen te leggen. Hij bedenkt op een creatieve manier oplossingen voor soms lastige uitdagingen


Hans proved to be quick in analysing our commercial strategie en helped us to redefine the business / marketing positioning

IT Entrepreneur

Het nobele plan wist hij nuchter en eerlijk te benaderen en zodoende ondersteunde hij ons in het versterken van het idee over de core value van de onderneming en diens marketing.


The Coaching empowered me to be more effective at work and in personal life

Marketing Director

Hans helped me to look into my business from another perspective and improved many things

Freelance Designer

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Work-Life Balance

the Ups and Downs of entrepreneurship

1 week on the beautiful island of Aruba to find the balance between business progression and personal development DO YOU WANT THIS:– more free-time by making the right decisions – to work with energy and motivation by doing what fits you best– make progress in business by setting priorities and goals A lot of Entrepreneurs […]

Why to choose for entrepreneurship?

For a long time you have had such a dormant feeling to start something for yourself. Or maybe you already have a concrete idea for a great product you want to sell. And then there is a chance to realize your dreams or ideas and decide to become an entrepreneur. So what are the considerations […]

Happiness = Success?

If I talk with clients, relations or whoever, and ask the question: what comes first for you? happiness or success…. people react differently to this question. You see their faces change, but nevertheless answer it right away. Others look at you, as this is a very logical and natural thing. At least for them… Basically there […]

een aantal van mijn klanten