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Why to choose for entrepreneurship?

Why to choose for entrepreneurship?

For a long time you have had such a dormant feeling to start something for yourself. Or maybe you already have a concrete idea for a great product you want to sell. And then there is a chance to realize your dreams or ideas and decide to become an entrepreneur. So what are the considerations to take that big step to become an entrepreneur?

Freedom. Well that freedom is quite tempting. You can determine relatively much yourself. You’re on an hour later, sorry but I don’t have any inspiration now so I’ll do it soon, and yes that Netflix series is really fascinating. Does this not seem to procrastinate, than real freedom? In the end, you really have to earn your own income instead of a salary which “just” comes in every end of the month.

Status: You see the beautiful examples of successful entrepreneurs and think, I want that too! For example, Richard Branson has a private airplane, an own island and he travels a lot. However, what you don’t see is that these successful entrepreneurs have gone a long way and have had to work very hard to reach this high level. So yes, the outside with all the beautiful stuff and parties etc. are not just blowing. Sorry….

Is making money your goal? There are entrepreneurs who simply earn a lot of money, but also (most of them) who have to do less. And, according to research, the entrepreneurs who want to make their business a success by setting long-term goals are more successful than the entrepreneurs who are only motivated to earn a lot of money.

According to research, only 56% of the starters make a real conscious choice to become an entrepreneur. The remaining 54% are actually just a bit rolled in, by chance or circumstances. Which group are you?

You know, entrepreneurs are also just people. All different characters and full of ambitions. Good to see nowadays is that more and more entrepreneurs are not only going to go for commercial gain (49%), but want to contribute to society as a matter of fact. Making an Impact on your business, contributing to the people around you, so as to build a meaningful future. That is really what I am concerned about.

A good example of this is Tony Chocolony: The delicious chocolate products are in funny coloured packaging with original texts. These chocolate bars have become the means to spread a social message to help others. It is no longer just about the product and the price. It is the meaning you give to it, the message counts.

So great that you want to become an entrepreneur. But why do you want this exactly? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem are you going to solve: what is the added value of what you want to offer
  • For whom are you doing this: Is this for yourself, do you see a market question, or because you want to help people?
  • Doing business is not an individual job, just ask who can help you. So: Who has the knowledge or means to bring you progress.
  • Do you have the skills to do this and what are you missing so you can learn it?

Do you want to know more about if you are on the right track? Please contact me. 


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