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the Ups and Downs of entrepreneurship

Work-Life Balance

the Ups and Downs of entrepreneurship

1 week on the beautiful island of Aruba to find the balance between business progression and personal development

– more free-time by making the right decisions
– to work with energy and motivation by doing what fits you best
– make progress in business by setting priorities and goals

A lot of Entrepreneurs find it difficult to have the right work-life balance.


  • 3 x Walk In sessions to answer your personal questions to Hans van de Rakt, your experienced business-life coach
  • 3 x intensive and interactive workshops
  • 3 x Q&A sessions with local entrepreneurs for real life Ups & Downs and how you can learn from their experiences


  • Day 1: A REALITY CHECK: about your character, claiming your role in life, what does entrepreneurship mean to you.
  • Day 2: YOUR DOT ON THE HORIZON: about your very big dream, keeping on track, what you can change in your attitude and habits.
  • DAY 3: WHICH ACTIONS TO TAKE: focus and motivation, synchronizing life and work goals, which tools to use.

In these workshops I will give you new insights on how to recognize the symptoms, what you can do about it right now, and how to work towards your goals, and how to live a balanced work-life.

At the end of every workshop a local entrepreneur will be present to answer your questions about their experience as entrepreneur.


These workshops will take place on September 17, 18, 19 in the afternoon. As this week will be co-organized with the University of Aruba, this is also the location of the workshops. The price for all activities such as the walk in coaching session, 3 workshops and the Q&A with entrepreneurs is only Awg. 500,- / 275,- US.D. / 250,- Euro


one of the beaches on Aruba

Aruba is a small tropical island in the Caribbean. With a multi cultural society, gorgeous beaches and glittering nightlife. Why not find your balance and peace on this beautiful island? See the website for more info on Aruba


Please register for these interesting workshops and find peace and balance in your work-life. Because you deserve it! THIS IS THE REGISTRATION LINK for participation in all the workshops. Please note you need to take care of your own travel and accommodation.


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