PLEASED TO MEET YOU – my name is Hans van de Rakt

As someone who was born in the year 1960, I’m raised in a time of big changes. Where one was critical about the system, and trying to find new ways to have a meaningful life. With a pragmatic father working in politics, and a mother who studied philosophy, it seems I have the two typical elements of my parents in me.


In the first part of my career, I worked in several sales and marketing positions, mainly in IT and Media. From junior sales rep. to international Sales & Marketing Manager. After this I lived and worked for seven years on the Island of Aruba (Caribbean) On Aruba I started my first and second company. Back in The Netherlands I performed a lot of sales, marketing and strategy projects for Dutch and International clients worldwide. If you want to know more about my work career, please read my LinkedIn profile.


During my career and in my personal life, I experienced the positive and the downside of it. As such my interest in psychology and spirituality was (re) born, and studied more about these topics. The combination of a long working experience and personal development, is a unique combination which I call “Business-Life Wisdom”


As we are not alone on this world, I started two social projects:
– the Business Hippie Club goal is to accomplish an individual mind-change, how we look and act about our economic and business system, to accomplish a sustainable society.
– at shitAWAY our young coaches offer services to help young professionals (18-35 yr.)  who are experiencing mental  “shit” like stress, position in society, loneliness, anxiety, etc.

I’m also active at two universities as an external examiner(assessor) for graduation students, and member of an advisory committee at Avans University.

In my free-time I love to make photo-art, playing around with shadow and light. See


I suggest we start to meet life, or via telephone/skype to get acquainted and see what we can do for each other. Please contact me and let’s talk