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Nice to meet you: my name is Hans van de Rakt

I started my career as a junior sales rep in the computer industry and later as an international Sales and Marketing Manager in IT and Media. After this I lived and worked for seven years on the Island of Aruba (Caribbean) On Aruba I started my first and second company. Back in The Netherlands I performed a lot of sales, marketing and strategy projects for Dutch and International clients worldwide. Now I’m assisting entrepreneurial people how to grow with their company by rational means and personal development. If you want to know more about my career and projects, please read my LinkedIn profile.


During my career and in my personal life, I experienced the ups and downs. As such my interest in psychology and spirituality was (re) born, and studied more about these topics. The combination of a long working experience and personal development, is a unique combination which I call “Business-Life Wisdom”


I’m also active at two business universities as an external examiner(assessor) for graduation students. Also a member of an advisory committee at Avans University to close the gap between Education and Business.

In my free-time I love to make photo-art, playing around with shadow and light. See www.120660art.nl

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