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Why are entrepreneurs, well…. entrepreneurs? Are they as happy as they say they are, and what is it that makes them happy (or not…) How can you be more successful by developing your human talents? Is happiness a prerequisite to be (more) successful or is it the other way around?All questions I ‘m trying to answer with the Happy Business You (HBY) research project.


  • Wat are the motivations and drivers to become an entrepreneur
  • What is the level of succes and happiness, this in the different roles, industries and countries
  • What are the criteria and influencers to be more successful and feel happy

The goal of this research is to correlate the business and personal side of entrepreneurship. In other words, what are the psychological drivers, and which business elements do influence these typical human beings, we call entrepreneurs. Which other circumstances do influence their role, and is happiness such an important factor as we believe it is to have success.

the online survey

This research is based on several scientific theories and findings, as discovered in other related researches. Also I use my experiences as an entrepreneur myself, and the cases of my client projects, as valuable input.

Read about the first results in this introduction post


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