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Het is verleidelijk om het allemaal maar te laten gaan en te zien wat het leven brengt. Je te laten beïnvloeden door je sociale omgeving en “go with the flow” Tenslotte is de economie weer goed en de zon schijnt…. Lees verder →

Hoe ga je om met de Ups en Downs van ondernemerschap – 1 week workshops op Aruba

Het vinden van de balans in zakelijke vooruitgang en persoonlijke ontwikkeling. HERKEN JE DEZE SYMPTOMEN? · Je spendeert te veel tijd aan de verkeerde acties· Je voelt je niet gemotiveerd en hebt geen energie· Ook al werk je veel uren,… Lees verder →

Waarom zou je ondernemer willen worden?

Je hebt al heel lang zo’n sluimerend gevoel om iets voor jezelf te beginnen. Of misschien heb je al een concreet idee voor een geweldig product wat je wilt verkopen. En dan komt er een kans om je dromen of… Lees verder →

Geluk = Succes?

Als ik bij klanten, relaties of wie dan ook de vraag stel; wat komt voor jou eerst? geluk of succes…. Dan zie je bij sommigen het gezicht direct veranderen alsof ze water zien branden om vervolgens een antwoord te geven…. Lees verder →

Entrepreneurship is the new playgound

Why do people, for god’s sake, choose to be an entrepreneur? Well, because a lot of them want to break free from an existing situation. Like a rigid boss, no room for initiatives, no fulfilling work, repetitive tasks, making a… Lees verder →

time to change

Many people know about the rapid development of technology and how it influences our world. Our life’s are speeding up, time is money in our work, you only live once, etc. But we all know this, right? So why not… Lees verder →

What do you know?

What do you know? In the early days it was about WHAT you know. Meaning, which facts and figures have you learnt and do you know by heart. You remember the adagio “knowledge is power” ? Now the internet gives… Lees verder →

Co-Working and Co-Living

Recently, I wrote a blog article about the trends and developments in flex-working. From the well- known commercial flexwork locations, and working at people’s homes, to work in a fully equipped work-van. This Flex-work will now get a new dimension… Lees verder →

Failure is an option!

Failure is an integrated part of our business-life. During your endeavors you might encounter problems, but does this mean you failed? When a project did not finish successfully, or a product is not selling, does this mean you totally failed… Lees verder →

Connected Working

A lot of (older) people are familiar with the idea of going to a building every day and sit at their own desk for 8 hours or so. This is called YOUR workplace. With some personal stuff to make the… Lees verder →

Quality work

When you think about quality time, probably you think of the precious time spent with your family or closest friends. The time you intensely enjoy with your dearest. It re-connects and gives you energy. But sadly enough this happens too… Lees verder →

Faith – Hope – Love

Trade Necessity A long time ago when new transportation techniques emerged, it created new jobs like the traveling merchant and local trader. Where you could buy new and different products from other places then your own. There was a natural… Lees verder →

Location, location, location

The first location We lived and worked where the food was available by nature. Where your family and beloved ones belonged to a close(d) community. You only moved somewhere else if there was a real and functional need to leave…. Lees verder →

the Quaified self

Since a few years its possible to measure all kind of data about your health with your mobile Phone or a fitness band around your wrist. So you know how many steps you have taken, how many stairs, measuring your… Lees verder →

Innovation by diversity

Diversity is about having different people in your team. This can function as a catalyst to drive innovation. Diversity is having many different elements in the mix, many different experiences, many different perspectives, many different skills. This diversity can be… Lees verder →

Focus on positive assets

As we live in a more upward time lately, I would strive for a more positive approach about how to change for making progress. Changes how you as a person can improve yourself and also how a business can make… Lees verder →

Choose progress over innovation

Two buzzwords these days seem to be trending: innovation and start-up. Like every NEW development is the solution, the Holy Grail towards success. This new NEW is an external goal and has no foundation or relation to the quality of… Lees verder →

Business Recycling

In 2000 B.C. (Before Crisis) there were some good budgets available to start a new project. This could be for entering new markets, new product development, to have a new software system, or building a new meeting space. Basically a… Lees verder →

Company culture is underrated

When we talk about cultural differences we tend to think about differences in national cultures. But being involved in several projects with people from different backgrounds and sectors, I noticed that even within one country, there are some cultural hurdles… Lees verder →

Entrepreneurship is the ideal vehicle to develop your character

Trading, or Entrepreneurship, is actually about coming out of your comfort zone. Working in or with areas you do not know at all, or are not quite familiar with. As such you have to make decisions which have unforeseen outcomes…. Lees verder →

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